Accessibility audits

Hi all,

I completed my first accessibility audit last year for the Star and Shadow, and I found it rewarding. The output document was far too technical for a layman, I chose the style so that it would be easily converted into a TODO list for the site

With a little more budget it would have been great to offer an illustrated cover which would communicate easily the status, an overview, the main issues and the gap needed to achieve the next level. Generating this kind of format into a PDF would make it easier for next time

The web is woefully under-accessible and sometimes clients are totally unaware of the number of users they’re inhibiting. I wonder if there’s anyone in the network who has more experience than me in writing audits, in the automation tools available and in sourcing/selling to clients

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Hi @calummackervoy

I have a fair bit of experience doing and writing accessibility audits. I’d love to compare notes on process and report writing, if you (and anyone else) is interested?