A little UK co-op tour


I’ve been intending to do a little UK tour, hitchhiking around talking to people, visiting co-ops, a bit of camping, and as the colder season is drawing in I better leave soon.

I’ll start in Glasgow and slowly make my way down south. I’m looking for sofas/floors to sleep on and co-ops to visit of any kind, housing co-ops are good for sleeping I guess, but I’m particularly interested in tech co-ops. I’ll probably write a blog post or two.

I’d like to talk about saving food (esp. with https://karrot.world), web hosting, kubernetes, platform co-ops, volunteers, grassroots, open source, CoTech, social.coop, etc…

I should be leaving in the next couple of days. If you wanna host/meet me lemme know! You can email me at hello@nicksellen.co.uk if you don’t want to write publicly on the thread.

Ethical Digital Marketing

Sounds awesome, looking forward to you reaching Sheffield :slight_smile:.


I can most likely host you in Newcastle, Nick. Sleep in the room next door to me again


Hi Nick – let me know when you’re likely to be passing by Lancaster and I’ll see if it might work you sleeping on my sofa or somewhere…



and I should add of course we have an interesting cohousing community here, and a workspace co-op.


Hey Nick,
There are loads of co-ops in Oxford, so I do hope you’ll come this way on your travels. Let us know when and I’m sure we can sort out places to kip. I might even have a sofa bed by then!
Look forward to talking to you.


As mentioned on https://social.coop, very happy to talk if your travels get you into the South Pennines. I’m interested to talk about #platformcoops and what comes after that, and Mark Simmonds and I would be keen let you know about what we’re plotting with Platform 6.


Hi @nick , would be happy to host in Birmingham at our housing co-op anytime. Would be interested to hear more about Karrot as we are doing communal Suma orders currently in our network.


Hey, all, thanks so much :+1: I’m quite touched how many people responded (and on the mastodon thread).

I’m planning to leave tomorrow. The planning could be a bit crazy, the further south it is the more vague my planning will be I think, but I shall do my best. I’ll intersperse visits with some camping too so my brain doesn’t explode.

My possible stops so far are…

I think I’ll message people individually/privately so as not so spam everyone. And I’ll endeavor to write some of it up on my blog.

Look forward to seeing some/all of you :smile:


Hey Nick,

Just got sent a copy of your plan from Cath (Leeds but not in Leeds).
I’m not at home (Talamh) but I’ve forwarded to some who are. Recommend connecting with Bruce particularly. He’ll be in one of his workshops… either electronics or metal.



Do a quick video tour of each stop? That’d be great! :grinning:


Looks good for Lancaster, Nick. A couple of days notice would be great. Thanks.



Thanks @Abi_Talamh! I heard back from Bruce already (I actually bumped into him in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago after first meeting him 7 years ago on a bike trip). I’ll arrive tomorrow at some point :slight_smile:


Would be really cool for you to reflect on each one as you went by @nick Happy to copy edit unpolished thoughts as you see fit.

Up for obviously hosting you at our fledgling coop in East London, though probably enough overlap with the Newspeak lot!


Thanks @alex :slight_smile: I’m writing some notes as I go… let’s see how it goes…


I have decided to slice the trip into two. My brain will probably explode if I keep travelling at this intensity.

… but given the CoTech event next month I will continue it then to coincide with that (and the colder weather) :slight_smile:

I managed to visit:

Thanks so much to all those people :slight_smile: (and the ~20 people that gave me rides, the possible ~30 other people I’ve chatted with) and sorry to the people I missed.

I made notes along the way, so lots to write up when I get back to Glasgow!


Go Nick! If we could all cycle to see ~10 other CoTech members we’d be hyper-connected!