A co-op is what we say it is - #unwrapcoops shoutout

Co-ops UK commissioned Calverts and Blake House to come up with comms for this year’s Co-ops Fortnight (starting June 19). Our approach is to gather interesting-not-boring testimonials about what you think and feel about coops and being a cooperator, then finding the gold in what you say and turning it into cool artworks/posters/social media cards etc. Our success depends entirely on getting good input. We’re asking for simple, short or longer, text or voice messages via a simple web page https://unwrap.coop/

It would really help this if you can take 5 minutes to give us some content with a strong, personal worker-tech- cooperator point of view and subjectivity. @simon.blakehouse is sweating at the other end, hoping for your radical messages… if you send text, just hit submit. If you send a voice message, don’t forget to hit the ‘stop’ button before you submit! Thanks all and there’ll be a special prize (no idea what yet!) for the best slogan or pensée… here’s that link again


My plea would be to focus on cooperation rather than cooperatives.


we can only make our outputs based on what people send us, so if you have an angle that you reckon we ought to be thinking about, the form is there for you to play with :sunglasses: