5 minute survey about your uses of the cloud

hi folx,

dan hassan here from magmacollective dot org - the crew behind cobox.cloud . way back when i worked at footprint workers coop, robin hood coop and a few other projects over time :slight_smile:

here to shill for cobox again and ask if you would either be willing to fill in a 5 minute survey on behalf of yourself as an individual or on behalf of your coop.

if you’re on twitter any RT’s would be appreciated - have spammed a thread aimed at different “market segments”: https://twitter.com/dan_mi_sun/status/1225640437727186944?s=20

we’re working with kate from greaterthan.works (an offshoot from enspiral/loomio/cobudget lands) on innovating around P2P business models which would complement the P2P cooperative cloud infra we’ve been working on.

Thanks folx - looking forward to getting to hang with some of y’all further down the way.


be good if i actually linked to the survey wouldn’t it :slight_smile:


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I shill for these folks honestly. Worth filling out if you are interested in co-ops and peer2peer technology :heart:


I didn’t answer the how much a month question because too many variables (how much storage, how easy to integrate with everything I want to integrate with, primarily easy backup solution for WordPress db and files, plus Nextcloud integration, plus how easy to mount as local folder), but for the WordPress stuff I currently still give Dropbox I think $10/month for 1TB (but don’t use anywhere like that amount of space for this use case).

However now I’ve madly easily (using Cloudron) got my own Nextcloud running on a madly affordable Hetzner vps I’ll soon be investigating ditching Dropbox all together…

Thanks @kawaiipunk and @jdaviescoates :slight_smile:

exciting when we get to drop a corporate provider altogether!

thanks everyone who has filled this out. I will make sure to come back here and give the digest of the findings.

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