4-day work week


I’m curious with everything that’s been in the news recently…are any co-ops moving to a 4-day work week?

Or if you’re already on a 4-day work week, how did you get started? :thinking:


We’ve started talking about it. Mixed feelings so far.

Keen to hear what others here have done.

We’re not employees at WAO but @laura takes Fridays off and I used to take Wednesdays off.

In my case I found that doing around 5 hours per day was preferable to having a day off as it enables me to work while my kids are at school. (They do a lot of sports so I do a lot of standing on the side of pitches.)

I should imagine it’s the flexibility that’s important in a co-op setting. When I worked for a company, I worked four days mainly as a signal that they didn’t ‘own’ me :wink:


Hello! Yeah, I implemented a 4 day work week 7 or 8 years ago and have seen nothing but benefits. Those benefits are well documented, the folks campaigning for it in the UK (4 day workweek) have the short version of various studies and whatnot. I’d be curious to know @maria what the mixed feelings are about? At WAO we noticed that when multiple members had 4 day work weeks, but took different days off, it was a little tricky.


I don’t think anyone doesn’t like the idea altogether I think the main questions are about

Coordinating schedules if we’re still offering a Mon-Fri service.

How we’d go about maintaining “productivity” in 4 days

And then there is the question of weighing up which benefits people most want. Some people might prefer more paid holiday for example.

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Well, you can strike the “maintaining ‘productivity’” concern. Studies show 4 days is way more productive. Unless you are talking about the collective productivity? I’d guess there would be a little slow down as Agile figures out how processes need to change to accommodate the new schedules, but things would pick up again fairly quickly…

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